Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Things on my mind

Its been a pretty good month overall, except I hate not working or studying. My husband finds it hilarious when i say I feel like i'm doing nothing, since i'm making things, i'm stuck on here most nights and have been doing relatively well in terms of sales on etsy.

But it just doesnt feel like i'm 'working' as such...

so isntead of feeling down about it, i noticed a huge banner outside my childrens school for a job shop type thing in the local church/community hall. so I thought why not? I went down on Monday, and it was really good. Had a mini interview with a lovely woman there, and we discussed jobs i'd be interested in, and what my limitations are etc. She gave me a usb with some cv templates. i do have a CV but it's not updated and since a virus struck my computer i havent got it on my hard drive anymore, so it need retyping really.

Tomorrow morning i'm down there again, just to show them my cv and get some pointers on improving it and see if they have any possible jobs i can apply for.

In all honesty, i'm not sure what i really want to do. I know what I can do, but whether it matches what i want i havent figured out yet.

so i basically told her, i'd do admin work (as boring as it is, it tends to be flexible), or work within a school environment, since i'm hopefully going to apply for my pgce this march...fingers crossed i pass the dreaded maths gcse first ofcourse... which led me into possibly thinking about teaching english to adults, i went to an adult elarning centre to apply for maths, and found a sign outside, wanting english tutors, and i thought why not?? i'm pretty sure i can do that. So i might add that onto the list, but i'm unsure whether a degree in the subject is enough to get work teaching english to we will see...

The other thing i'm doing, is trying to lose weight!! Since my second child i seem to be on a steady decline when it comes to my health and fitness and have gained quite a bit of weight that it's bugging me now. So i'm watching what i'm eating and doing 1 hour step excercises each i'll be keeping you posted with the progress....or lack of it...:D

and the last thing, is i managed to nab two alchemy requests this week, one for a pair of earrings which i will post the final item here and another for what i know will be the most gorgeous twisted multi coloured pearl bracelet. pictures will be posted as soon as I get the amterials at my door to get started on the items.

Also, i'm planning on adding some info on the etsy d listers. Its a wonderful group i joined a little while ago. it's kind of like a network of really wodnerful people from etsy, to support one another and guide and promote each other. So i'm going to include a shop on here every so often, so you can see what wonderful items they have and the great talent there. I'll also be creating an etsy d lister gift guide so look out for it:)


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