Tuesday, 23 June 2009

shopping, potty training and coffee shops

Spent most of this afternoon shopping, mainly for my brothers wife who wants two dresses for her brothers wedding...but shes abroad, so it's apparently my job to choose a dress thats likely to suit her,...which is nice that he trusts my taste in clothing!

Managed to get a few decent items on sale in Debenhams, a really pretty summery dress in beige and cream and some jeans. though since i'm so short a good two inches needs to come off from the bottom!

which comes to how exphensive coffee shops seem to be getting. a mocha cost £2.95!, normal soft drinks over £2 per bottle. it'd cost nearly £30 for a small group of people jsut having a coffee and a piece of cake at one of these places.

my youngest is stressing me out. Been trying to potty train her since her 3rd birthday, which has been a struggle sicne i was working full time...now i quit my job i decided to take it seriously, and she's been doing ok, but not enough to feel entirely confident to take the pull ups off completely. i dont remember it takin this long with the oldest!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The sale/fun day!

The nursery my sister works at and my youngest attends had a really great fun day idea. It was well planned , bouncy castle, face painting, henna tatoos, raffles, painting and crafts for children, stalls....one of which was mine, lots of great food, indiand cuisine, Polish, Carribean, Arabic, English, Italian to name but a few! Fabtastic cakes and pepsi max which i overdosed on!

Except it decided to rain. Although it didnt seem to spoil the event, a lot of people turned up to show their support ...with unbrellas on tow ofcourse!

Managed to make a relatively decent amount of money even though I made everything dirt cheap and the people seemed to be more interested in spending their money on food and their kids activities. Which is where all my profit went!

Here's a few pics of the stall....sadly i didnt take any pictures when I first set it up, when it wasnt so cluttered and all over the place, so I only have messy pics!

And my hand made business cards...a little scattered! but a lot of people commented on them which is nice:)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

second sale!! woohooo

I made my second sale!!!

I am very happy right now!!!

had a great lunch with friends, they were both glowing, one has just come back from her honeymoon which was amazing, the other is expecting any time now! was great to catch up. as usual the main topic of conversation was work...or ex work place as it were, since we all quit!

anyway some politics to get to:)

chilli con carne!

Had planned to get some lunch with some friends from when i used to work, but because one of them is almost due, infact she's overdue!

so we decided to have lunch at my place just incase! so it's chilli con carne all round:)

makes a nice change from not bothering to even think about lunch!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

New additions!

Amethyst in oval

So to try to attract some attention to my etsy shop I decided to d this $5 earring promotion, except so far none of them have sold!! however, i'm not going to let that get me down, so I've added some new items today so check them out!
Teal my heart:

My daughter love these adorable earrings:)
So tell me ya'll what have you made today?

shopping with kids

A good shopping trip should never been done with children!

Monday, 15 June 2009

4am wake up:S

So due to atually managing to sleep before midnight yesterday I end up waking up at am and not getting back to sleep. Alhough it has been a suprisngly productive day. It was sunny most of the morning before he thunder and rain kicked in:S

I'm trying to sort out some display things for this upcoming sale I'm doing. i dont really want to spend much and the whole diea of DIY neck busts and the like just seems a little like too much work!

Just made a couple of neclace and earring sets specifically for weddings for a blog of a fellow etsian which is focusing on a handmade wedding. I had hoped to get the pictures done today but they didnt come out as reat as I'd hoped

though here's one necklce and earring which came out relatively decent

Pearl lariat style earrings and necklace for weddings

These also werent too bad after cropping!
Two layer mixed pearl necklace and earrings

Tell me what you think
and please add on what you've made today! even if it's just a cup of tea:)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

beautiful days

It's been suprisingly incredibly warm and sunny the last two days which is seriously strange for the UK! I dont even think people know how to respond to the weather when it does actually get warm!

spent most of yesterday taking pictures of a huge load of jewellery items I made over the weekend, and i'm suprised by how wellt hey actually came out!

I had planned to make this photo box things, but havent had the chance, so i just palced some tissue paper on the living room window seal and because the weather was so beautiful they actually came out looking pretty good:)



Anyhow gotta do the school run:)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Try Handmade website!

So because I've jsut recently opened a shop on etsy selling my jewellery, everything i've read has told me to get social and et my stuff out here....so i did some searches and found this great little site called www.tryhandmade.com, which has a litle gallery where you can post a picture of your work. So I sent this just less than 2 days ago, and toda I found an e-mail to tell me that my pic is up and people can vote for it. So if anyone is interested to rate it, i'd be really grateful:) check it out here:


ta very much:)

This is new!

hey all!....if anyone actually gets to read this!

This is somewhat weird for me, Im not really a social networking type of person and would never have thought to set up a blog like this, but it seems to succeed in business online the social networking thing is the way to go.

However, I dont want it to be really about me, and would love to get as many other people posting as possible. In the words of Martin Luther King, 'I had a dream'...not quite as profound as his ofcourse but I wanted to create a blog to not only promote my shop and what I make, but to also find out what others can make, to get more people into the handmade mood and see perhaps how easy it is to go handmade.

So I make beaded jewellery, you can check out my etsy store here:

Tell me what you think, give me your opinions and let me know what you can make. Doesnt have to be anything too fancy, even a paper plane will do, if you can send a pic, that'd be great too!!