Monday, 15 June 2009

4am wake up:S

So due to atually managing to sleep before midnight yesterday I end up waking up at am and not getting back to sleep. Alhough it has been a suprisngly productive day. It was sunny most of the morning before he thunder and rain kicked in:S

I'm trying to sort out some display things for this upcoming sale I'm doing. i dont really want to spend much and the whole diea of DIY neck busts and the like just seems a little like too much work!

Just made a couple of neclace and earring sets specifically for weddings for a blog of a fellow etsian which is focusing on a handmade wedding. I had hoped to get the pictures done today but they didnt come out as reat as I'd hoped

though here's one necklce and earring which came out relatively decent

Pearl lariat style earrings and necklace for weddings

These also werent too bad after cropping!
Two layer mixed pearl necklace and earrings

Tell me what you think
and please add on what you've made today! even if it's just a cup of tea:)


  1. i passed out BEFORE midnight last night! don't you love when that happens? :]

  2. those are beautiful necklace and earrings You have a adorable blog and etsy shop:0)

  3. JulieAnnA,

    it did feel suprisngly pleasant and the day felt excessively longer! except now i cant seem to go to sleep and it's nearly 2am!

    thank you expressions you're very sweet:)

  4. Lovely jewelry pieces! :)