Sunday, 21 June 2009

The sale/fun day!

The nursery my sister works at and my youngest attends had a really great fun day idea. It was well planned , bouncy castle, face painting, henna tatoos, raffles, painting and crafts for children, of which was mine, lots of great food, indiand cuisine, Polish, Carribean, Arabic, English, Italian to name but a few! Fabtastic cakes and pepsi max which i overdosed on!

Except it decided to rain. Although it didnt seem to spoil the event, a lot of people turned up to show their support ...with unbrellas on tow ofcourse!

Managed to make a relatively decent amount of money even though I made everything dirt cheap and the people seemed to be more interested in spending their money on food and their kids activities. Which is where all my profit went!

Here's a few pics of the stall....sadly i didnt take any pictures when I first set it up, when it wasnt so cluttered and all over the place, so I only have messy pics!

And my hand made business cards...a little scattered! but a lot of people commented on them which is nice:)

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