Tuesday, 23 June 2009

shopping, potty training and coffee shops

Spent most of this afternoon shopping, mainly for my brothers wife who wants two dresses for her brothers wedding...but shes abroad, so it's apparently my job to choose a dress thats likely to suit her,...which is nice that he trusts my taste in clothing!

Managed to get a few decent items on sale in Debenhams, a really pretty summery dress in beige and cream and some jeans. though since i'm so short a good two inches needs to come off from the bottom!

which comes to how exphensive coffee shops seem to be getting. a mocha cost £2.95!, normal soft drinks over £2 per bottle. it'd cost nearly £30 for a small group of people jsut having a coffee and a piece of cake at one of these places.

my youngest is stressing me out. Been trying to potty train her since her 3rd birthday, which has been a struggle sicne i was working full time...now i quit my job i decided to take it seriously, and she's been doing ok, but not enough to feel entirely confident to take the pull ups off completely. i dont remember it takin this long with the oldest!

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