Monday, 20 July 2009


The whole swine flu thing has got me obsessed...especially since we're travelling away i really dont want anyone getting ill before we're due to leave!

so keeping away from crowded areas, stopped my daughters from school only a few days before the official it's not too bad, carry anti bacterial wipes and gel around EVERYWHERE and make sure everyone uses them at all times, even touching surfaces when not neccessary is stopped! so I hope it all goes ok.

managed to pack up a few of our things...but theres so much to sort out still.

on a happier note, i won an alchemy bid!! make a beaded pearl and Czech glass wedding watch. so it's almost finished, just awaiting a bird charm to arrive from an ebay seller, but he hasnt responded to any of my messages, so i'm really worried it wont come in time. the buyers wedding is on Saturday, and although she says she doesnt mind if it doesnt turn up, I would really love to create for her exactly what she wants. I would have ordered from etsy, but the buyers with the charms i wanted were all in the US and shipping would take too's hoping that the charm arrives no later than Wednesday morning because it really needs to be sent to ensure it arrives before Saturday.

I'll post pics when it's finished:)

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