Wednesday, 1 July 2009

to me:D

well it was on Tuesday at least.

Had a brilliant time. We dont normally celebrate individual birthdays for adults in our family, since a lot of us fall in the same period of time, we just have one big party!

But my birthday fell on the day of the week where my family were all free, so it was nice.

We went out for dinner, but ended up staying for like 4 hours as we had to wait for my dad to come after a lesson he was teaching....

It was kind of funny, because my sister had bought a cake so that the waiter can light up the matches, close the lights and put on the birthday song as a suprise for me....which it was....a suprise and mildly embarassing at that....except the waiter seemed to assume that it was my dads birthday and thats why we were waiting for him to arrive to have our coffees and the suprise cake...

so as soon as my dad finishes dinner and the table is cleared, we order some hot drinks, and the guy sets about lighting the candles and preparing the cake...turns to me and starts waving instructions at me which i realized later was to ask if it was time for the cake! anyway i was somewhat baffled, but he shuts the lights and this awful tape of happy birthday song comes on and i have a fit of giggles as the guy places the cake in front of my dad! My dads face can say a million words, and everyone is laughing and the poor guy gets confused and embarassed and shifts it down to me....I blew out the candles...which i honestly dont remember the last time i had a birthday cake with candles to blow out! felt like i was a little kid again, which is nice when i've jsut turned 26:)

it was all lovely:)

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