Monday, 13 July 2009

the swine flu story...

I wasnt to be honest overly concerned by the swine flu apademic, the same as i was concerned by the bird flu issue, and this was mainly due to the fact that it always seemed far away from me and people i knew...until now.

Today we received a letter from my daughters school informing us that a child at her school may have a case of swine flu. Its not yet apparent whether he has or not, but that apparently a family member of his has caught the virus and they seem to be worried this poor child may have the virus too. The school seems to have made the necessary arrangements to ensure there is no spread, the child is no longer attending school, staff are on alert for any children with flu like symptoms and the school is kept immaculately clean throughout the day.

But i'm still worried. I dont know if it seems a little jumpy or over reactionary but i dont want my daughter attending the school. this is the last week till the start of the summer break, so i've decided to take her out of school as a precautionary measure.

for more info on swine flu heres the gvt guidlines and NHS guidelines

as for the symptoms here they are, and how to check if the symptoms you have could be related to swine flu

stay safe

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